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Brightspark Education Consultants plays a vital role in taking the Higher education to the next level. Its Vision is to make Higher Education possible to every student who aspires to excel in Education with a global exposure and for an international career.

  • A definite presence in UK and Pakistan.
  • Pioneering Agency promoting only Abroad Education.
  • Highly Experienced Professionals with exposure in UK and Pakistan.
  • Tie up with the Top Universities in Abroad
  • Dedicated team of Staffs
  • Continuous support to students in Abroad
  • Good reputation for its services
  • High quality Business practices enabling professionalism.
  • Good understanding on Pakistani & British Tradition, Culture, Social Values, Life style and Education System
  • High Tech offices located in Major Cities
  • On the Spot admissions by Universities representative in our office’s
  • Flexible to meet your every need to fullest satisfaction.

Visa Facilitation |Documentation | Mock Interviews |Visa Medical Appointments

Visa facilitation is a significant part of the process for those who are eagerly prepared to proceed abroad to enter into any centre of higher learning for studies that could be helpful for them to clinch a highly accredited and recognized degree with a view to gain the best insights about one’s personal, intellectual, and professional roles, he is required to play during different phases of his life.

To complete the process of visa, the student is required to go through different phases, which require having precise information, accurately filled out visa application form, perfectly-made ready documents – which needed to attach with the visa application form, precise amount of visa fee, visa interview& Medical examination.


Brightspark Education Consultants feels proud to say that, we offer every sort of information, like first of all clarifying and satisfying the students by replying to their queries related to their higher studies, and so on. We advise students about documents required by immigration authorities of respective country, this is one of very important part of visa services by Brightspark Education Consultants as lack of any document may result of refusal of visa application. With over 11 years of professional experience, we prepare visa file according to guidance of immigration authorities. We have dedicated visa manager to advise students about required documents and arrange them.

Statement of Purpose:

Statement of intention is very important part of visa application, it has been notice that many students sometimes not define their intention of study and discuss their plans as per the requirements of immigration. We at Brightspark Education Consultants assist students to write their study plan and check them to increase the chances of successful visa application.

Mock Interviews:

Many Countries requires students to be appear for visa interview and define their study plan and satisfy the Entry Clearance officer for any query about his/her application. We do understand this important part of visa application and do arrange Mock interview for every individual. We do make sure that applicant must be familiarizing with the Visa interview environment and get ready for visa interview. Brightspark Education Consultants is very proud to have very high success of visa interviews.

Visa & Medical Appointments:

We also assist applicants for other visa requirements and guide them to be done according to the requirements. We do arrange visa file submission appointment and Medical test appointment for our students. This would assist students to get their appointments on time and correct information must be forward to relevant department. Few countries require students to undergone Medical examination and we do guide them about required Medical examination process.

Every year the foreign consulates are reviewing their rules, thus we need to keep the students abreast with the changing formalities of visa, thus all these matters need extreme attention, careful planning for each and every step, precise decision making so that any step may not lead to refusal of visa.

As a proof, we can let you know that, we have so far guided over 3,000 students and all have successfully taken the admission in many western Colleges and Universities. Many of the students have returned back to Pakistan (to apply their capabilities in their own country) by acquiring their degrees, and many are working in many reputed multinational companies and organization, across the world.

Given, the real facts stated above, it is recommended for any student who is seriously looking to go abroad for higher studies, he must attend our office, to get the latest updates enabling him to get his visa application form is filled in our presence, get the facility of mock interview, and get all other important tips and techniques to successfully complete the process of visa.

Initial Assessment

Brightspark Education Consultants helps students in selecting program and field of study as per their requirements. Once the required program and field of their study is selected, and then they are assisted in searching the right universities and colleges which offer the program of student’s choice along with all the other details like tuition fee, academic policy, and any other requirements as TOEFL (GRE/GMAT), and IELTS etc.


After selecting the institution students are advised by BEC to read the prospectus carefully before filling in admission form and state clearly the title of the selected course, a session in which student wish to join. The complete filled application form must be returned to the institution along with copies of all relevant academic documents and registration /application fee whichever is applicable depending on institution’s policies.

Documents Required for Admission Process
  • Filled and signed application form
  • Copy of Required Academic Documents (Attested from Notary Public)
  • Passport and National ID Card Copy
  • IELTS, TOEFL or English Proficiency Certificate
  • Experience Letter (if required)
  • Reference Letters
  • Ten Passport Size Photograph (White Background & Tie Must)

Acceptance Letter

Once institutions receive an application form, required academic documents and registration fee they will send a conditional letter of acceptance stating that institution is placing you in the selected course, subject to the payment of tuition fee.

Fee Payment Policy

Different institutions have different policies about the payment of fee regarding their country policies. Some institutions have the policies of collecting a full fee from the students in advance, some institutions give admission to students even on the payment of half tuition fee. Fee payment policies differ from institution to institutions and from the country to country, it’s depending upon the choice of the institution and country.

Confirmation Letter

Upon receipt of all the required documents and proper fee. Institution issue offers letter of admission to the student mentioning in it all details of the students there qualification payment of fee selected course and duration of course etc once the student receives this offer letter he/she can apply for the visa in accordance with the policy and procedure of that particular country. BEC helps the student in preparing their cases for documents submission till filling the Case.

Brightspark Education Consultants was established in 2010 as a specialist education and immigration service provider and providing services to students and other clients.

Our services range from visa application, immigration advice through ongoing management consultation services. Brightspark Education Consultants identified the needs to create a vehicle to provide superior services to people migrating to UK, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark & Australia.

Realizing that immigrants often get the wrong advice, little support from the government departments and due to the dynamics of the over changing and highly complex immigration laws and regulations, we started specializing in the provision of a complete service to our clients i.e. Providing from the initial immigration advice through to obtaining the visa.

We strive to maintain high success record by not accepting cases unless we are assured that the application will meet all the immigration criteria and we have become reputed for our personal and intimate service. For this purpose an initial assessment for the clients is prepared by us.

Unlike most migration consultancies, Brightspark Education Consultants is not a one man show or a single agent with one or more part time assistants. We have a strong, experienced and skilled team of experts and consultants.

We offer a full range of services to clients e.g. Full visa service (all visa classes, reviews of decision and cases). Our specializations include skills visas, where we offer visa services to support applicants as well as student, family and spouse visas.

The company policy (amongst others) is to provide a professional, efficient and personal service. We pride ourselves in the level of service we go to-beyond the normal duty we have as consultants.

Brightspark Education Consultants hosts Pre-Departure Briefings exclusively for its students and their parents who are going to abroad for their higher studies through us. They are held in the cities where our offices or partner are located and students always comment on how inspiring and useful it was to them.

The Seminars include a wide variety of high profile guest speakers with media coverage. These presentations contain invaluable advice from BEC management and everything you need to know about preparing, travelling to and living in the abroad. Officials from Foreign Exchange companies & banks will also participate in this Seminar.

This briefing also gives an opportunity to meet other students who are going to abroad, may be for the same University. It is free of cost as all our services. Students will also be given a kit containing useful information. The seminar will always end with the Refreshments or dinner at the end of the program. Stay updated on our website or on local newspapers.

If you would like to attend our Pre departure briefings, please contact BEC office’s for more details.

We offer such encouragement for parents who are interested to gain in-depth knowledge about abroad Education and Admission process for their sons/daughters.

Our friendly team is happy to discuss parental concerns regards to the abroad studies such as

Considering those parental issues we have high experienced advisers which you can contact for free advice. You can visit our head office and talk to face-to-face with our advisers if you are living within the UK or if you live outside we have many global offices around the world where you can go and talk to our experienced member of staff. You can view the list of our offices from “International Branches” page.

  • Why studying abroad is important
  • Safety issues abroad
  • Communication
  • Accommodation
  • Future outcome of their kids
  • Courses/Institutions
  • Student facilities
  • Study abroad fees and so on

Our core values and processes

Brightspark Education Consultants – a renowned name in the field of foreign education is speedily moving ahead, to accomplish a new benchmark that is – togive facilitation to our clients/students in the field of IELTS testing. Many know that the IELTS stand for “International English Language Testing System” and successfully passing this test by securing the best marks, means, opening of the gateway for broader national and international opportunities, otherwise any lacking in this field can hinder at any or many stages in the academic life – most particularly during the foreign education.

Amazingly, Brightspark Education Consultants – the vendor of British Council Pakistan products-Register the students for the IELTS tests. Now let us give some important insights about the IELTS tests that why IELTS test is being taken, which organization conducts this English language test, and what are the benefits of this course?

 Why IELTS test is being taken?

A:The IELTS test is being conducted to judge the skills of English in four areas -Listening, Reading, Writing, & Speaking. The ending test – speaking is conducted by a certified examiner through a face-to-face interview process. Thus IELTS test is absolutely productive and informative for the students, as this test is true-to-life and entirely practical.

 Which Organization Conducting the IELTS testing?

A:Students are at liberty to register themselves at Brightspark Education Consultants, as we are working in close partnership with British Council. Students usually face difficulty in finding the date, come across the issue of banking hours, or non-availability of application form, or lacking the material for guiding, and so on, yet we are always available to register for test dates that assists in hassle-free facilitating our clients with complete ease of mind. Brightspark Education Consultants provide one window operation to register in IELTS test

 What are the benefits of IELTS test?

A:IELTS test provides qualification of command over English to any student during taking admission in any leading foreign college or university – which makes 50 percent work of admission – consider already done. This qualification is recognized by over 6000 institutions and organizations in over 135 countries. The IELTS test qualification gives the command over listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. IELTS result valid for 2 years.

 Who are eligible for the IELTS test?

A:The students who are passionately looking ahead to take admission for higher studies for their Foundation, Associate or Bachelor’s Degree & Master’s Degree OR Research Degree they are advised to vitally undergo the IELTS test as that would be a bigger breakthrough during their admission process as well as in their overall professional career and future either.

 Documents required for registering IELTS with Brightspark Education Consultants Private Limited.?

  •  Filled IELTS Application form
  •  Copy of Passport or CNIC
  •  3 passport size photograph with any back ground
  •  Pay order payable to “British Council” (Exact amount must be verified by Brightspark Education Consultants staff)

 5 Step to register for IELTS test?

  •  Select the IELTS dates from given IELTS Calendar OR consult with HS Staff for available dates for test
  •  Filled the application form
  •  Provide all mentioned documents
  •  Prepare Pay order payable to “British Council” OR bring cash to our office, HS Staff will facilitate to make Pay order without any extra cost OR bank charges
  • British Council will contact you for the confirmation of Registration of IELTS date through Email

 The UK governemnt has announce important changes to Secure English Language Tests(SELT) for visa Purpose?

A:The UK government has announced important changes to language testing for visa applications, reducing the number of tests accepted for visa purposes and bringing in new requirements for the way the tests will be administered.

 What is the Secure English Language test (SELT)?

A:These are the tests approved by Home Office UK, which students can use as evidence of their English Language level. The full list of tests and the scores required to prove students have met each CEFR level are available about Secure English Language Testing for immigration purposes is on the website at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-applying-for-uk-visa-approved-english language-tests.
Universities retain their ability to make their own assessment of English Language capability for degree level courses (NQF 6 and above).

Transitional arrangements are in place to make sure applicants who had taken a language test on or before 5 April 2015 with the old SELT providers will be able to use their certificates until 5 November 2015 for visa purposes.

IELTS will now have 4 types of IELTS:

  •  IELTS UKVI General Training (for visa application to study in UK).
  •  IELTS UKVI Academic (for visa application to study in UK).
  •  IELTS Academic, (not for visa application to study in UK)
  •  IELTS General Training, (not for visa application to study in UK).

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