The UK Visa Application Process for PLAB 2

After you have passed PLAB 1 you will then need to sit PLAB 2. At this stage you will then need to consider when you want to come to the UK and take the second part of the exam. This is because firstly, you will need to start preparing for the exam numerous weeks in advance. Secondly, you will need to apply for a UK Visiting Visa as soon as you have booked your exam.

The application process is essentially broken down into two stages. The first stage is the online application for a UK Visitor Visa. The second stage is the submission of all required supporting documents in a Visa application centre.

We advise you that when it comes to uploading the required supporting documents that you upload them all in one sitting. This will save you a lot of time in comparison to uploading them on multiple occasions.

The Online Application

First, the application will ask you to provide details such as your name, passport information, and national identity. Then it will ask you to provide your travel information and essentially an itinerary. This information should include the date you will arrive in the UK and the date you will leave the UK (A detailed travel itinerary should be provided in your cover letter).

You will then be asked to provide the main reason for your visit to the UK. Here, we advise that you choose ‘business, including sports and entertainment’. Once you have answered no to the following options: travelling with an organised group, travelling with a spouse, visiting a company or being paid for a business activity, you will then see your reason: Take the PLAB or OSCE.

Other details that the application will ask you to provide include personal and family information, employment details, how much money you plan on spending, accommodation details, any previous Visa refusals, and criminal convictions.

Once you have provided all the required information you will then be taken to a declaration page. This page offers you to pick an appointment date with a Visa Application Centre. However, do not select a date if you have not uploaded all the required supported documents.

What supporting documents will I need to provide?

Your personal circumstance will determine what supporting documents you will need. Nevertheless, every applicant will have to provide two key documents. The first is a valid passport and the second is the evidence of your PLAB 2 booking confirmation.

Other documents that typically help your application:

  • Cover Letter: Details on what to include in your cover letter are provided in the section below
  • Passport: Must be valid
  • Letter of employment: This letter should be provided by the hospital that you are currently working for confirming your employment.
  • Bank statements: If you will be supporting yourself financially for this trip then you will need to provide your bank statements, typically six months’ worth. However, if another person is supporting you then you will need to provide your own bank statements as well as the bank statements of your financial supporter.
  • Proof of accommodation in Manchester: As your exam is held in Manchester we advise you took book accommodation in this city and if you book in advance the price will be a lot lower.
  • PLAB 1 results: It would be useful to provide the application with a copy of the email which confirms your passing of the PLAB 1 exam.
  • PLAB 2 booking: Another useful document that could be provided is a copy of the booking confirmation that the GMC will send you
  • IELTS results: This will confirm that you are eligible to take PLAB
  • Primary medical qualification: The last document which will greatly support your application is evidence of your primary medical qualification.

If you have any questions about applying for your PLAB 2 Visa then get in touch with us at where we will be delighted to help you. Good luck!