Announcement Government in TRNC Cyprus

Academic criteria for admission has been updated by the government in TRNC. Please check the table below:

Please consider this for your future applications.

  • If students who have already received CAL or UAL to fall 2018-19 academic semester, please check their academic requirement. If the student has already made a payment, please send me a receipt from the bank. If a student hasn’t made any payment, and he is below the academic requirement, he will be rejected.
  • After the student has made a payment, please send me the payment receipt. The unconditional letter will not be sent to you the same day. The payment should be reflected in the students account and confirmed by the accounting department.
  • There are no changes in the initial payment. CONDITIONS OF ACCEPTANCE (all apply): Submitting the minimum initial payment of at least (€1000).
  • For the CIU – rules and regulations document – the student should write his name with a pen, surname with a pen, date with pen and signature with a pen. Please provide the signed document in the application.


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